The following lists represent regional resources for materials, brains, or muscle-power used in green roof installs here in Bellingham.

Pretty much everything else — in the universe of green roof systems and technology — can be found through the links over yonder  ——–>

Bellingham Green Roofs is available for a wide range of services and can assist with general inquiries regarding the design, permitting, and project management of a green roof installation. While not claiming the expertise of the sources listed below, I welcome the chance to learn more about your project and would look forward to helping your green roof vision “get off the ground” to become a successful addition to BGR’s case study roster. My consultations are free, but providing coffee is highly encouraged.

Alex McLean:  (360) 303-6640


Hadj Design, Bothell

Patrick Carey: (425) 482-9763

Hadj Design


Bellingham Bay Builders, Bellingham         2215 Midway Lane

Ross Grier:  (360) 733-7500

Mallard Construction, Bellingham          1200 W. Racine St.

David Leppanen:  (360) 305-7307

Gallant Design and Construction, Bellingham

(360) 733-1225     or cell:     (360) 319-9694


Duro-Last Roofing, Inc. (PVC) Tacoma

Will Wlliams:  (253) 225-4858

Esary Roofing and Siding Co., Inc. (PVC) Bellingham

Brett Esary:  (360) 318-0604

Western Roofing Co., Inc. (TPO, EPDM) Bellingham

Winton:   (360) 734-1830


Specialty Soils, Covington (East of Kent)

Charles (Chuck) Nichols:   (253) 638-2272  or  1-(800)-270-7645

Eco-Soil Recycling Corp. Langley, BC

(604) 541-7645


Bourne Engineering, PLLC, Bellingham          1106 Harris Ave.

Jason Bourne:   (360) 935-2676

Bradley Engineering, Inc. Bellingham          811 Yew St.

David Bradley:  (360) 752-5795


Northwest Rain Solutions

(360) 303-9725


Sunbreak Nursery Company, Bellingham         5192 Aldrich Rd.

(360) 384-3763

Wind Poppy Farm and Nursery, Ferndale         3171 Unick Rd.

(360) 384-6804

Etera, Mt. Vernon                                            14113 River Bend Road

(360) 661-2767

(More on this company is available through the “Field Trips” tab, above)

Plantas Nativa, LLC Bellingham                             210 E. Laurel St. (@State St.)

(360) 715-9655

Plantas Nativa, LLC

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