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It may be over your head, but you’ll understand eventually. This view is from atop the Lightcatcher Museum, green roof installed in 2009

Welcome to Bellingham Green Roofs! The goal of this site is to provide information on all aspects of green roofs in Bellingham, Washington. As this site evolves I’ll hope to add general essays on the policies, incentives, technical philosophies and installation of green roofs. Perhaps, by the time you get here, I’ll have already met these goals? To find out, please navigate through the pages above and begin your scheming and dreaming!

Upcoming Events

Sorry, no green roof events are currently in the pipe.

B.G.R. News

Bellingham Green Roofs (B.G.R.) will try to use this space to alert site visitors of any updates to the website:

2012, as near as BGR can surmise, is gearing up to be a year of zero net growth in roof coverage in Bellingham. True, last year saw the two largest rooftops so far installed here — the 6,000 s/f Lincoln Square roof and the nearly 8,000 s/f solar hybrid (green roof + panels) installed at BTC’s Campus Center — but BGR, as a fanatic, remains unimpressed and, frankly, irritated by the lack of follow-up projects. As a result, I’ve begun a lobbying effort to see if the City of Bellingham can ramp up its incentives as it deliberates over a fairly large hike in Stormwater rate fees.

Also, BGR has instigated a campaign to try to get the top level of the Downtown Bellingham Parkade converted to a public park and pea-patch garden. To see details of this proposal, please visit the tab above labeled “Bayview Sky Park.”

Past Events

Lincoln Green: a commercial green roof workshop & solar celebration

Sept. 22, 2011     4:00-6:30

Lincoln Square is now the proud (and temporary!) home of the largest green roof in town. To see more details on this impressive and diverse remodel, please navigate to “Case Studies” and sample # 12.

Sponsored by our friends within the green building and smart growth division of Sustainable Connections, this tour and workshop unveiled a serious retrofit of the formerly aging and inefficient Lincoln Square complex. The addition of both intensive and extensive green roofs, as well as a large bank of PV panels on the upper roof, have made this facility one of the greenest HUD properties in the nation.

GRiT/ Ecoroof Portland Fair

March 18, 2011

Portland was great. The convention was great. To see a synopsis, visit the FIELD TRIPS tab above. The Portland Bureau of Environmental Services will upload the talks from speakers at the convention in coming weeks.

Raise the (Green) Roof

October 29, 2010

The folks at Sustainable Connections offered a hands-on workshop for those interested in learning the fundamentals of green roofs. To see how it went, please navigate to the above CASE STUDY tab and click on #10, the Hartrich Residence.

Green Roof and Green Wall Conference

November 30 – Dec. 3,   2010   — The conference was great! Please navigate to the FIELD TRIPS tab to review my impressions on Vancouver and the conference events.

An international green roof conference, from Nov. 30 – Dec. 3, 2010, will be held in our backyard! CitiesAlive has all the info you need for this event, held in Vancouver, Canada, at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

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