Just another boring and ugly green roof in Bellingham

This site is dedicated to providing information and resources to those curious about green roofs in Bellingham, Washington. I currently have nothing to sell and no allegiance to any of the contractors or material wholesalers that may be listed in these pages. My primary interest here is to do some basic research and list the various green roof systems that are being installed in this mid-sized American city.  Launched in June, 2010, this site hopes to become a one-stop resource for those interested in installing a green roof on their own residence, business, car-port, doghouse, chicken coop, outdoor shower, taco-truck, or any other surface that might come to mind.

Cheers! — Alex McLean

You can leave a message on this site or you can contact me through Facebook (Iā€™m slow in correspondence, but eager to hear of your new green roof projects.)

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